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Meeting All Of Your Editing Needs

Thank you for visiting the current landing page of our photo outsourcing business!


Here we make it simple and easy to get all of your photos done just the way you want.
We can do anything from culling and basic editing to detailed Photoshop work.



Adobe Lightroom Editing



Culling: $0.07 per photo


Basic Color Correction: RAW $0.30 per photo   -   JPG $0.40 per photo  


Photo Straightening: $0.05 per photo

Cropping: $0.10 per photo


Gradients, Spot Removal or Brushing: RAW $0.10 per photo   -   JPG $0.15 per photo




Adobe Photoshop Editing 

Prices vary per project.


Please contact us for a quote on any project typeBasic Touchups, Removals/Replacements, Advanced Manipulations and Repairs Etc.


How It Works

As easy as 123...

LIGHTROOM - These files often come in groups. Let's do a trial of 15 photos edited FREE to start! This is how it will work:

1) In the contact form below, explain the style and look that you are aiming for in your photos the best you can


2) We will then send you a link where you can upload and send up to 15 RAW photos from your past photo shoots with a variety of lighting and color situations that you commonly work with. 
I.E. If you shoot weddings send examples of detail photos, getting ready photos, couple and group photos, ceremony and reception photos etc.

3) After we edit and send the samples back (within 5 business days) we will then talk over the photos with you and, if need be, tweak any of them until they are just to your liking. We'll discuss the next steps at that time.


PHOTOSHOP -  These files can often be one time fixes and of a wide variety. Follow the steps below to submit your photos and get a quote!

1) Use the contact form below to explain what you would like modified in your photo(s)

2) We will then send you a link to upload and send the files 

3) Once we receive the file we will contact you asap with an estimated quote

~Our Promise~
We realize every photographer has their own unique style and the importance of meeting our client's expectations of that style.

That is why we work hard to understand your style and won't stop till your photos are the best they can possibly be.
So take a break! Spend time with your family and friends! Use the extra time growing your business!

And let us take care of the tedious, sometimes stressful task of editing your photos.



To begin sending sample files or to get more information about our services fill out the contact form below

or email: naomi@true2youphotography.com

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